What Market We Cater To

We specialize in small company Financial Systems. The reason why is because this is the overlooked niche of the market. Big companies and smaller companies (down to about $500MM) will always get the attention but, the really smaller companies, companies from Startup ($0) up through $500MM in revenue, often are struggling to put systems in. This is where we come in. You get huge “big-shop” implementation experience, tailored to your company, at a very competitive rate.


We are experienced in all phases of an implementation, including:    

Project Plan

Fit/Gap analysis
Interactive Design Prototype (IDP) Sessions 

Testing (including Unit Testing, Interface Testing, Business Cycle Testing and User Acceptance Testing)

Cut Over/Go Live
Post-Production Support

Utilizing best practices, in all of the phases.


We can help you with all of these phases or just one (Training for example) depending on where you are at with your Project.